Friday, January 12, 2007

Dell Inspiron E1405 - Initial Impressions

My new laptop arrived two days ago! It's a shiny, silvery, brand new Dell Inspiron E1405. To give some background, my old machine is a Sony VAIO PCG-K35.

Side-by-side, the Dell looks like a miniature toy, compared to the Sony. However, it is definitely a power machine. It's got dual processors and 2 GB of RAM. It flies!

Even though it is much smaller than the Sony, it's not quite as lightweight as I was hoping. It's definitely lighter than the 7.5 pound behemoth, but it's not a feather either.

One blessing is that it's fan is almost whisper quiet. Compared to the "jet engine," "leaf blower" of a fan in my Sony, I can't even tell that the Dell is running.

All-in-all, initial impressions are two happy thumbs up. I'm loving this machine and my 9-cell batteries!

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