Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Website for Forex and Global Futures

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There's a handy site for you to check out, if you're interested in global futures. You can find out more about futures, options, and foreign currency exchanges, all from this Global Futures Exchange & Trading Co. Of course, you can also do your actual trading through their site. Very cool, indeed.

If you're interested in an opening an account, you should check out the Global Futures website. You can open an account with as little as $250. That really lowers the bar for people getting into different investment options.

From what I understand, forex can be great investment opportunities, but they're also fairly risky. I wouldn't use this as a primary investment strategy, but it could play a key role. It also might be fun to see what you could do with a little cash.

Get Out and Enjoy the Beautiful Weather

Now that winter has ended, it's time to enjoy the beautiful spring and early summer weather. I know that I'm trying to get out and exercise at least a few times and week. You should too!

Here are some ideas to try:

  • Go on a bike ride
  • Take a walk
  • Go to a local park and watch the birds or squirrels
  • Have a light jog
  • Find a comfortable patio chair and relax with a good book
There are tons more things you can to enjoy the weather, but this is a handy start. Just do it! We're too reserved as a society, especially when it comes to relaxing and exercising. We focus too much on work and pounding away at the keyboard. Go outside!

Friday, April 20, 2007

PayPerPost Acquisition - Drum Roll Please...

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PayPerPost, an advertising company for blogs, has done one of their typical marketing strategies. They have created a post opportunity to blog that they've acquired a company. But they didn't tell us what company.

What do you think PayPerPost is up to? They provide a pretty wide base for companies to get the word out about products and services, and for websites to get links. What more do they need?

One idea I had was a possible statistics company. There was the hubbub a while back about Performancing and PayPerPost. That deal went South, but who's to say PayPerPost won't try something similar? Or maybe they've worked something out with Performancing.

Another likely company might be some kind-of social networking site. PPP's cadre of users, deemed "posties," are a fairly tight-knit group. Maybe the company is looking for a way to leverage that network that they've built in a new form. PayPerPost meets Digg.

Finally, maybe they're going into the blog hosting business. PPP could provide free blogs to people, in exchange for letting advertisers have a spot in the sidebar. Users could even earn a small portion of the revenue, to help lure users away from options like Blogger and WordPress.

I'm just guessing here. What do you think?

Great Vegan Chili Recipe

I've been experimenting with vegan and vegetarian eating for the past few months. In fact, I went throughout Lent without eating any red meat or poultry (only seafood, and very little of that even). Thus, I'm on the continual lookout for good vegan recipes.

Leo has a great vegan chili recipe over at Zen Habits. It's really simple; even I made it!

You're going to need some cans of beans, stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, and corn. Dice some onion and bell pepper. Throw in some chili powder and pepper. Cook. There's a tad bit more to it, but that's the gist. And it turns out delicious. You've got to give it a try.

Monday, April 16, 2007

An Interesting New Multi-Vitamin

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Do you take a daily multi-vitamin? If not, you're risking your own health.

There's a new 12-in-One MultiVitamin that you can take. This vitamin comes as softgels, which are easy to swallow. And there's even a special men's and women's version.

The company offers some kind of risk-free trial, but I don't quite understand the precise details. If you're interested in finding a new multi-vitamin, you should check out this option.

April's Snow

Trees full of blooms,
Flowers with colors bright.
You've pushed through the cold,
And colored up our life.
As your blooms blow away,
They land upon the ground.
And on this sunny morning,
April's snow is seen today.

Check Out the Gamma Knife for Brain Tumors

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Have you heard about the newest form of brain tumor treatment? It's called the gamma knife. I've seen it mentioned on TV, but I didn't really understand the benefits, until now.

There's a great site that explains the use and benefits of the Gamma Knife. To my understanding, it's a method of radiating brain tumors, to eliminate them from the brain. It's noninvasive, and the procedure takes place in one session.

The process holds the head stationary and then focuses radiation at the tumor from all angles simultaneously. This helps prevent excess radiation to the rest of the body and puts the radiation where it is needed: the tumor itself.

Save Money by Riding the Bus

I'm a big believer in public transportation. What a great way to get around town, while saving the environment and your wallet.

For three years now, I've been riding the bus to and from law school every day. It's a bit of a hassel sometimes, but overall it's been pretty convenient.

The best part of all is that our city buses are now going to be free for all university employees, faculty, and students. This means that we don't have to pay a single cent to ride anywhere the buses go. Awesome!

If you haven't checked into your locality's transportation system, you're missing out. It might not go everywhere you need to be, but maybe you can have cheap trips some of the time.

Find a New Home in Las Vegas

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Looking for a new house really stinks. I'm in the middle of that process myself. Fortunately, there are several websites out there to help.

One such site focuses on Las Vegas New homes. If you're looking for some real estate in Las Vegas, Nevada, this is a good site to check out. It's a pretty comprehensive Las Vegas real estate site.

The site has a handy link that enables you to search for new homes. There are also phone numbers for agents, so you can actually talk to a live person. This is a good place to start for your Las Vegas new home.

Be Creative - Take a Picture a Day

I've always wanted to be more creative. How about you?

One thing I've found to help with this is my new digital camera. It's not incredibly fancy, but it does take nice pictures. With it, I've been trying to do something creative every day:

Take a picture

This may sound like a tiny thing, and in the greater scheme of life, it is. But taking a picture every day forces your mind to think in creative and artistic terms. I find myself thinking like a camera, trying to figure out how to capture different moments. It's especially cool right now, since the trees and flowers are in bloom.

Unfortunately, I've fallen down on this plan a little bit lately. One thing or another has gotten in the way. But I do plan to get back on the horse soon. Hopefully my creativity and my writing will benefit.