Friday, April 20, 2007

PayPerPost Acquisition - Drum Roll Please...

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PayPerPost, an advertising company for blogs, has done one of their typical marketing strategies. They have created a post opportunity to blog that they've acquired a company. But they didn't tell us what company.

What do you think PayPerPost is up to? They provide a pretty wide base for companies to get the word out about products and services, and for websites to get links. What more do they need?

One idea I had was a possible statistics company. There was the hubbub a while back about Performancing and PayPerPost. That deal went South, but who's to say PayPerPost won't try something similar? Or maybe they've worked something out with Performancing.

Another likely company might be some kind-of social networking site. PPP's cadre of users, deemed "posties," are a fairly tight-knit group. Maybe the company is looking for a way to leverage that network that they've built in a new form. PayPerPost meets Digg.

Finally, maybe they're going into the blog hosting business. PPP could provide free blogs to people, in exchange for letting advertisers have a spot in the sidebar. Users could even earn a small portion of the revenue, to help lure users away from options like Blogger and WordPress.

I'm just guessing here. What do you think?

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