Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Check Out These Verizon Phones

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Are you in the market for a new cell phone or carrier? I know that I am. Actually, I don't have a cell phone right now, so I'm hoping to get one in the near future.

You should check out these Verizon cell phone deals. If you sign up for a new plan with Verizon, you can get a free phone. These aren't any old cheapo phones either; you can get the LG Chocolate or even a RAZR. That's definitely a really sweet deal.

Some of these deals come with a spiffy phone, along with a bluetooth headset. You'll be fully ready for mobile communication, once you get a great Verizon cellular plan, a nice phone, and hands free headset. You can keep up with friends, colleagues, and clients, anywhere you go.

The only caveat here is that Verizon must obviously offer service in your area. Sadly, they don't in my neck of the woods. But that doesn't mean that you'll be out of luck. Just go to the page linked above, enter your zip code next to the phone you want, and you'll immediately see what options you have. Easy, right?

Now, maybe I'll do some phone shopping myself...

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