Saturday, March 10, 2007

Great Plugin to Leverage Digg on WordPress

I like Digg, but I don't want a Digg badge on every post on my blogs. My articles just don't get dugg enough to warrant that.

However, I promote some articles, and others get dugg on their own. So it's nice to add a Digg button to these posts. Now I've found the perfect method to do that, on WordPress.

There's a handy Digg button plugin that you can install in WordPress. To show the Digg button, all you do is click a special button on your post editor. Once an article is dugg, you can easily associate the badge with the article's Digg page. It's really simple, and quite handy.

I've only been using this plugin for a short time, but it's already paying off. Hopefully you'll have good results too.

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