Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Increase Online Security With a PayPal Security Key

If you're not cautious regarding your online security, you're practically asking for identity theft. I'm always on the lookout for better ways to keep confidential info safe.

That's why I got a PayPal security key. This little gizmo fits on your key chain, and it adds an extra level of protection to your PayPal account.

When you get your key ($5 each), simply activate it on your account. Whenever you login, you will enter your email address and password. But then you'll be prompted to enter the six digit number that shows up on your key.

Basically, this gadget generates a new six digit number every 30 seconds. The number only works to open your PayPal account during those 30 seconds. So even if a thief got your email and password, they'd still need the key to get into your account. Cool, right?

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