Monday, March 5, 2007

Whole Foods Was Full of Holes

I made my first solo trip to Whole Foods today. I've been a couple times before, but with other people. Today I embarked on my first trip alone.

I set out to buy two simple things: Illy coffee and nutritional yeast. I knew Whole Foods carried both of these things. It should've been in & out.

I looked around for the nutritional yeast and wasn't finding it. That's my own problem, so I asked for some help. An associate took me to the bulk bins where we discovered that they were out of exactly what I needed. But she ended up finding a big can in another section of the store. I only need 1/2 cup, and the can was 16 oz. for $12.99.

So then I went to get coffee. I found the coffee section with ease, and then I found the Illy shelf pretty quickly. But then I saw a starkly empty spot right where my kind should've been. Poop!

In the end, I wasn't impressed with Whole Foods. In fact, I will probably never go there again. They donate money to Planned Parenthood, so I'm definitely not a supporter there. But I'm never happy when a store is out of the 1 or 2 things I go to buy.

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