Monday, May 7, 2007

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Now that May is here in full force, it's time to really think about spring cleaning. Yeah, it's almost summer, but it's never too late to clean!

My personal view is not to keep much clutter around. I don't live by that too closely, but I want to start. Thus, I plan to go through everything in and around my desk and dresser to see what can be done away with. But I'm not just going to throw it away. There will likely be three piles:

Give - I like to give away things that I no longer have a use for. GoodWill is right down the street, so it's a shame to throw away decent things that somebody else might be able to use.

Sell - We've had a decent bit of luck selling some things on eBay. A couple things that we tried didn't sell at all, but others went for much more than we originally hoped. If you think something might be worth a bit of cash, give it a try.

Trash - If an item doesn't fit in either the Give or Sell pile, it goes in the trash (if I'm getting rid of it, that is).

What do you do for spring cleaning?

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