Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Car Rentals Become Cheap at 25

If you've ever tried to rent a car before age 25, you know what a pain it is. You'll have to pay an underage driver fee. Depending upon the car rental company, this is anywhere from $10-25 per day. Some companies won't even rent cars to people under 25, and you definitely can't rent a car if you're not 18. Yep, it really sucks to be young.

But once you turn 25, you can rent a car from any company without any worries. You can truly get a good deal on some cool cars. Awesome, right?

I've got to travel this weekend, so I reserved a car through Enterprise. It's only $41.07 for a day. That might seem steep, but it sounds cheap to me, since I've been paying an extra $25 per day for years. It's great to be 25!!

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