Saturday, June 9, 2007

Save Money by Making Coffee at Home

We're all well aware of the latte factor these days. Some people don't care, and others never buy a cup of coffee. Personally, I think balance is important.

I love a good latte, and I drink at least one a day. But I only buy one at Starbucks on occassion. It's been a good compromise for me.

I was able to get a great little home espresso machine, and I use it to make my daily fix. I've even gotten to where I can make a latte that rivals anything you can buy at a coffee shop.

But I still enjoy a latte that somebody else made. There's no work involved on my end, and I don't have to clean up. Plus, I don't have some of the syrups that I can get at a coffee shop.

Life is all about balance and moderation. Save money, but don't deny yourself every little luxury.

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