Friday, February 9, 2007

Get to Sticking with Stikkit

Don't you love little yellow post-it notes? Who doesn't?

In case you were feeling deprived without having electronic post-it notes, you can relax. There's a new website that has you covered: stikkit.

When you create an account with stikkit, you can create an endless number of notes. Each one can be shared, commented on, and send out notifications when it is updated.

But the coolest part of stikkit is that these notes are smart. When you're typing along, stikkit recognizes certain "magic words" and does things. For instance, if you type "tag as X," stikkit gets that you want to apply X label to that stikkit. Cool, right? You can also add contacts (or "peeps"), to do items, calendar items, etc. It's pretty neat.

You should go get stikkin it with stikkit!

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