Sunday, February 4, 2007

ReliOn Ultra Compact Ear Thermometer

Last night I bought us a new thermometer. My wife has always wanted an ear thermometer, for their ease of use. So I bought the ReliOn Ultra Compact Ear Thermometer.

My initial thoughts of the product were great. It cost $20, but it's a tiny little gizmo that has its own little storage case. I thought it would be great for general use, but also when we have kids.

However, my wife has tried it several times, and it's very disappointing. We keep getting this weird error message that just reads "AA." According to the instruction manual, that means that the unit's temperature needs to stabilize and adjust to room temperature. However, no matter how long we let it sit (even overnight), we can still get that error. We've successfully used the gadget a couple times, but over half the time the "AA" error displays instead.

Opinion: This one's going back to the store. I guess that's one benefit of shopping at Wal-Mart. :)

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kathy said...

I bought two of your thermometers and I work in a nursing home. Both of them quit working and saying LO, so I went and bought two new batteries for them and either one of them still work.One of them I bought and used for only 2 months and the other one I did not get to use it at all. So what is wrong here?