Sunday, January 28, 2007

CBS Innertube - Good, Free TV

I you didn't know already, the major television networks put their latest shows online for free, streaming viewing. This applies to ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, and Fox (I believe).

Since we don't subscribe to cable and don't even have a regular TV antenna, I decided to check out these online TV viewers. Of the three biggest ones, CBS is far and away the winner.

First, CBS has shows that I actually like to watch. I'm definitely a CSI fan, and now I'm hooked on Jericho as well. Numb3rs is OK, but it is a bit of a stretch when the math genius always explains everything via some mathematical algorithm or law.

Second, CBS's "innertube" runs the quickest for me. We have cable internet, but we only subscribe the slowest version. Thus, our internet connection is moderately fast by today's standards. NBC and ABC's players run choppy, stopping every couple minutes to buffer the video. Plus, the quality I've experienced on NBC (even when it runs fast) is just pretty poor. For me, innertube hardly ever stops to buffer, and the quality is pretty darn good.

Third, CBS has several episodes of each show online. Most of the popular shows (at least the ones I watch) have several of the latest episodes online. This means you don't have to watch every week to keep up and not miss an episode. You can usually go back and catch up if you had a busy week or just didn't think about online TV.

Do you have an online TV preference? Let us know your thoughts!


Rajdeep said...

wonderful work
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Francis Lawsche said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you liked the post.