Friday, January 26, 2007

Absolute Alibis - Fact or Fiction?

I was just watching an episode of CSI: NY, and they showed a company that specialized in creating alibis for people. Is there something like this in the real world?

Essentially you would give out a special phone number to people for your "yoga salon" or whatever the company was posing to be. The alibi company then has operators who answer the phone, posing to be the fictitious company. Of course, the operator knows when to say that you were there, etc. They would even generate fake receipts to have "proof" that you used their "services."

This got me to thinking... I wonder if anything like this really exists. Sadly, I imagine there are a ton of people who could utilize something of this nature. It could actually be kind-of funny to play a prank of friends or something, but people might also use it to have a sick day from work (the alibi company would pretend to be your doctor).

Don't get me wrong: I'm not advocating this. I'm just wondering.


BostonTrainer said...

There is such a company. Absolute Alibi is a company based out of Boston that only worked via private referrals. I used them about 10 years ago, but not for the reason you are thinking. Yes they provide alibis for cheaters and they will even provide you a phony doctor note to get out of work but there is also a very positive side to this type of a service....I hired them to help my sister get away from her psychotic abusive ex-husband. He was very abusive to her and my nephews. Absolute Alibi provided alibis for her for 3 straight months while we planned her escape from him. My sister's husband was a cop so trying to get her away from him was NO easy task. The alibi company outsmarted him and eventually provided the courts with enough proof to put him away. I heard they have since went national their website is I would use them again if the need arised!

N/A said...

I've seen this CSI NY episode as well & have also viewed the alibi service that the show has as absolute alibis on youtube.... I've tried to go to as "Boston Trainer" suggested in his comment on 3/31/09 but they are obviously not in business. The web page is blank - I've tried for weeks now. If anyone happens to run across a real service, please post it here. I just did a "WHOIS" on and see that it was only registered less than a month & 1/2 ago... How did Boston Trainer use them 10 years ago? Hrmmmmm...
Regardless, I love the idea & want to know more now!

Covert Alibi 1-866-941-2229 said...

Boys and Girls, Men and Ladies,

Absolute Alibis has been in business for over 20 years, off the net and on. If you want to use the service that CSI based their show on, the REAL ALIBI PROFESSIONALS, then go to: or visit their sister site: or their mother site:


Covert Alibi 1-866-941-2229 said...