Thursday, January 25, 2007

Laptop Bag ... Continued

I just wrote about the awesomeness of my new Dell laptop bag. I'm still loving it, and I still highly recommend it. However, I have two caveats to add.

First, the style of the main compartment is going to take some getting used to. My old Targus bag was clam-shell style. The top zipped open on three sides. Thus, you could keep the machine sitting in the bag and use the computer (just zip the top off, flip it back, and open your screen). However, the Dell bag just zips open on the upper side of the bag. You slide the machine in and out. It's much better protection for the laptop, but a bit less inconvenient on the bus (like right now).

Second, the strap doesn't like to stay on my shoulder. I carry a backpack at school, and I used to put my laptop strap on my left shoulder. The Targus bag worked great like that. But this Dell bag slid off a couple times. I didn't drop the machine, but it was annoying. I'll probably have to put the strap over my should and head to prevent that.

Just wanted to keep you updated.

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