Saturday, March 3, 2007

Get a Keyboard Cover to Preserve Your Investment

I've been using my spiffy Inspiron E1405 for several weeks now. I LOVE this machine. To protect my investment, I purchased a keyboard cover for it.

If you haven't thought of a keyboard cover, you're overlooking an important piece of equipment. Here are just a few benefits:

  • safeguard your keyboard from liquids and crumbs
  • prevent keyboard marks on your screen
  • make keyboard cleanup a snap
Before I bought my cover, I was worried that it would interfere with my typing or be a nuisance. However, I've been using it for about a week now with great success. It took about a day to get used to it. Now I'm typing at my usual speed, and I don't even really notice the cover any longer. The only thing I really notice now is a quieter keyboard. Nifty, right?


Sudantha said...

I have the 6400 that is the 1501 I think will this be good on this???

Francis Lawsche said...

Hi Sudantha,

I'm not sure if this particular cover will work on your laptop. The Dell website says: "For Dell™ XPS M140 / Inspiron™ 630M/640M/E1405 Notebooks."

I did a quick search for your model #, but I didn't see a keyboard cover for you. Perhaps you can find one through a third party supplier.

Good luck,