Saturday, March 3, 2007

View a DVD for Free!

I'm definitely a fan of free things. That's why I love redbox.

Surely you've seen the big red machines in grocery stores, drug stores, and some McDonald's locations. They vend DVDs. You can get just about any new release for $1 per day.

Pick your title, swipe a credit card, and get your DVD. Keep it as long as you want and then return it to any redbox. That's handy, right?

So how are they free? Promo codes! Redbox gives out promo codes good for a day's rental when you enter your email address on their website. Thanks to awesome community sites like Inside Redbox, we can ALL benefit from these codes. Users input their codes, along with their success or failure and location. Then it's a piece of cake to view the latest valid promo codes for your region.

I think I might go "rent" a movie this afternoon. You can't beat a free DVD.

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