Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Secret PayPerPost Announcement on the Horizon

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The good fellas over at PayPerPost (PPP) have something up their sleeve. Unfortunately, they're not telling anyone for a few weeks.

If you're unfamiliar with this company, it provides a novel way for website owners to increase site traffic by purchasing paid reviews of their site. Bloggers sign up to write these reviews, and the advertisers decide how much they're willing to pay and what types of sites they want reviewing them.

The last big change PPP made was to offer segmented advertising. In the beginning, advertisers just set the price for reviews, and bloggers could pick anything they wanted to write about. Now advertisers can set the PageRank and Alexa ranking for their target blogs, as well as specific categories the blogs should fit within.

Now the question is what big news PPP is going to announce. I think they'll have some new features to entice advertisers. I'm not sure what this would entail, but maybe they've come up with something interesting.

On a related note, I'm hoping they'll come up with an affiliate program for bloggers to bring in advertisers. Currently, bloggers only get money for bringing in other bloggers (to my knowledge). The PPP market would grow if bloggers had a direct incentive to bring in advertisers.

Only time will tell what the news really is. Stay tuned right here, and I'll let you know.

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