Monday, May 7, 2007

Awesome Bookkeeping Help for Small Businesses

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Small business owners have to do it all. They're marketing, tech support, sales, and accounting. But other small businesses are now cropping up to help outsource some of these services. This helps you focus on your actual service or product, instead of payroll.

One great example is Accounting Paradise, which has very low bookkeeping fees. They can help with QuickBooks, accounting, and payroll. It's really a pretty nifty system they have set up.

Fees are pretty inexpensive. It looks like accounting help starts at $10 per month. Payroll is done on a flat rate of $6 per employee per month. This can add up to a bit, but it can also relieve you of the headaches involved in these money matters.

If you're looking for some relief in your business venture, check into outsourcing like this.

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