Monday, May 14, 2007

Blog for Cash and Cool Products

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PayPerPost has done it again. They're already a premier company that lets you blog for cash. Now they're also giving away cool prizes too.

Every Tuesday will now by HDTV Tuesday at PayPerPost. Specially marked opportunities will have a prize reward, instead of actual cash. This is all thanks to Bid4Prizes.

You're probably wondering what kind of things you can win. I'll bet that you'll be impressed. People have already earned Apple TVs, a PS3, and other cool electronics. On May 15, they'll feature a Slingbox, a Wii, a Yamaha surround sound system, and Logitech universal remote.

Heck, at the end of the month, they're giving away a brand new HDTV. That's a darn cool prize, just for blogging.

PayPerPost has definitely gotten its share of criticism in the blogging community. But it does one thing really well: please its posties. The people behind the scenes are continually coming up with new ways to reward the grunts who do the real work: us posties. They know that the company would fall to pieces if bloggers would not write for them. So they keep us all happy. It works well.

This latest announcement just proves that PPP is not going to let us be bored any time soon. In fact, I bet they'll have something even cooler in the future. Who knows what it will be?

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