Monday, May 28, 2007

Build Links with Viralink

It's a fact of internet life that we need links to our sites, to help with search engine rankings. Andy Coates came up with a cool way to easily share some links. The result is Viralink. Here's everything you need to know, courtesy of Andy himself:

———copy and paste the Viralink and instructions below this line———

Below is a matrix of 120 stars, I have already added a link to my blog onto one of the stars, all you need to do is copy and paste the grid into your blog and add your own link to one of the other spare stars, and tell others to do the same!



New Addition: When I receive a ping back once you have added the Viralink to your site I will add your link to this grid, and each person who copies the grid from here will also link to your site!

———copy and paste the Viralink and instructions above this line———

Honestly, I'm not sure how well this will work for people later in the game (like myself). But I might as well give it a shot!


Golgi said...

hello, here´s my viralink post

AAA Copywriter said...

Hi, I've added ViraLinks to my blog. You're on my sidebar on NEWS & RIFLESSIONI. What about linking me back? I'll fave you on Technorati as well!


Kim said...

hi there
you are on my viral tags
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could you add me please?
thank you
regards Kim

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