Thursday, May 24, 2007

Get Your Site Reviewed by PayPerPost Direct

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PayPerPost did it again! This leader in blog marketing has just launched a new service that allows advertisers to select blogs to advertise directly to consumers. The new program is called PayPerPost Direct.

The process is really simple, but the PPP guys have made a great video to explain it. Bloggers will place badges on their sites, offering to review products or sites for advertisers. An advertiser simply clicks on the badge to create a new opportunity for that blogger. The parties can negotiate on price, the advertiser approves the post, and the blogger gets paid immediately upon approval. It just couldn't be easier.

Notably, PPP only takes a 10% cut of the total post price. Other services such as ReviewMe take 50% of the total price paid for the review. Thus, PPP looks to be leveraging their strong market position to undercut some of the competition. I'm sure bloggers will love that. And it will provide lower-cost reviews for advertisers. This service looks to be a win-win for everyone involved.

So keep your eye out for the PPP Direct badge. It'll probably be on a blog near you very soon. And if you don't the see badge, you might ask the blogger personally whether they're a PPP member. Most of us are. :)

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